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The Lighthouse kids have drawn a tribute to the victims of one of the saddest tragedies of the 21st century. Sure this is a little late but I thought there would be no more perfect time to make this than bgeclub's Project Green.

The event itself was terrible and so sad, but the retaliation against the Charie Hebdo terrorist act, partly in thanks to the talented people of the internet, was beyond fantastic, seeing artists from all around the world create so much anti-terrorism art in tribute to the fantastic people who fell victim over at Charlie Hebdo was inspiring. Not only in their honor, but against terrorism everywhere, in all forms.

So here is my small addition to that movement, I hope you appreciate it.

No Domz, No Alpha, Je Suis Charlie.

The Wiki is now updated, upgraded and upstaged all other BGE wiki's out there. The url for the wiki is now '' so you can now consider it the 'official' Beyond Good & Evil wiki if you like..

Suited out with a wiki veteran Admin, and plans for a aesthetic revamp, the wiki is becoming a precious pearl, however unfortunately, like the precious pearl, it is a slave of the currents.. it is being looked past, pushed aside and simply not getting the recognition it deserves, after all the effort and time put into it. With over 150 pages (more than any other BGE wiki) created by myself, my admin, and one or two pages created by blessed stragglers of the internet, it still isn't completed, by any means, we need people to come check it out, edit, add, and tell their bge buddies about it, get the word around the interwebs and around the bge community...

We put our time into this for you guys, and now its your turn to help out the community too, we've been careful not too get ahead of ourselves whilst it was still in its early stage, we kept it safe and sound, but its time to break this wiki out of it's shell!

(Forgive the references and puns)

*Journal entry cheesiness = 100%!*

-Keep filing

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Luke Woods
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United Kingdom
My name is Luke Woods, i'm from Liverpool, England, and i have been drawing practically all my life. Coupled with this i am also an avid gamer and have been playing Ubisoft's Beyond Good and Evil since 2003. This Deviant Art ID has been solely based and inspired by that game alone, it has also affected and inspired aspects of my life. In my time, I like to draw and I also consider myself a bit of a writer.

I founded the Beyond Good and Evil Wikia, which has grown amazingly over the past few years, but there is not much more left to fill it with, we have covered nearly all bases of the BGE world, and now we all ready for the (hopeful) arrival of the long awaited Beyond Good and Evil 2, and with that, the arrival of new and nostalgiac fans alike.

IRIS Network over and out.

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